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This is a 100% free service we offer to anyone under our term and conditions. We will perform for you a free e-commerce plus website setup in the most secure way possible, with all our recommended plugins installed for you, plus we even give you free products with resell rights to help get you started with something to sell.

What Do We Mean By Your Free E-Commerce Plus Site?

Not only do you get your free e-commerce website to sell your products, you also have the option to use the blog system that is included, use the forum system that is included, setup polls if you desire to do so, the wiki system is include if you want to use it, there is a calendar to setup your upcoming events for your guest visitors customers, the cool media gallery for your pictures and videos is also included free, would you believe theres a links directory is included? Oh yes. Theres so much you can do with this all-in-one secure e-commerce website, oh heck, just make it a membership site private or public if that is your desire. We set it all up for you free of charge, and you make it the way you want it to be, plus we will be there for help if needed.

We know of a few people, not personally, but they are setting up this very same system for $300.00 +, but that is the nice thing about free enterprise, theres an opportunity for everything and everyone. Not everything on our site will be free, even we need to make a living, but we want to help you get started with an all-in-one website system for free so that you can make money with because we still remember how it was when we started out, thousands were spent when we started and it did not need to be that way. We have researched long and hard on this all-in-one system because we wanted to use one for ourselves, we tried and tested many pay for and free systems, the results are, we have it, and we use it. It has everything we wanted, it's simple to operate, it's a very secure system if setup right, we can see everything that happening on the site from the site c-panel, and we love it. So now like we said we want to set it all up for you absolutely free!

So What Will We Get Out Of Helping You?

The satisfaction of helping you! But to make all this happen we ask that you to signup for your hosting service through Hostgator, we get a commission when you signup using our affiliate link with them, which makes this a total win win deal for you and us! You get a new free e-commerce website plus setup, Hostgator gets a new customer. Now we know your probably asking why Hostgator of all hosting companies? We on did a review on Hostgator and there is about 786,000 search results and so there will most likely be 786,000 opinions on this, we know the good, the bad, and the ugly said about them, we know we can make more money being affiliates other hosting services, but for us its about the service, our own hosting review is this...

We have been using Midphase hosting since 2006 and Hostgator hosting since 2007 and we never had a problem with either one of them, the very few times we ever needed to contact them for a minor service help was fast and professional, the reason we are having you to signup under Hostgator is because were not affiliates with Midphase currently and we like the Hostgator features a little better. We have tried other hosting servers and wish we never had done so. We will continue our research on hosting services and may have more options available for you in the future, but for now this is how we are setup and its working good for us and our members.

Next Steps You Need To Make Are...

Signup for your free membership here today, in the members area is where you will find more detail about your next steps to do after you have signed up for you're hosting service, and to download your free resell products. Anyone can signup for a free membership on our site, anyone can download free products in the members area, we do have different member levels so some pages are not accessible if your not a member of it. If you work online or just use the internet for working on your hobbies we have made our site so anyone can get things done online for free, now go register or just go search our site and start checking things out. We have been recreating our site and some things we are still working on, but it's only going to get better :)


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